Saturday, October 25, 2008

A view of a simple Universe (Wk1_2)

Universe is something which is strange and mystery. But on the art aspect, the universe can be represented in many ways like the Romans represent the universe with horoscopes or their mythology of many different saints or the Orients like Chinese represent the Universe with the symbols of yin and yan. All of the concepts of universe above lead me think that both the Earth and Sun has a relationship which can be represented by two gears, the big one is the Sun and the smaller is the Earth. This idea is based on a fact : the Earth turns around the Sun and turns around itself like a small gear turns around a big gear. The colors also represent for Sun and Earth ( Earth is called "Blue planet").

Design a T-shirt (Wk1_1)

The first assignment of electronic imaging is interesting with a task of designing a T-shirt with both Sun and Moon on it. Firstly, the main idea must be based on Sun and Moon and everything relates to them. Secondly, the Sun and the Moon must be designed to be interactive (attract the people ) and there were two options for me to choose: cute or abstract. I chose the first one because the T-shirt is not only designed for adult or people who under the meaning of an abstract picture, the T-shirt is designed for all people of all ages and for both men and women. As I said before, everything must be related to Sun and Moon, so I designed in front side of the T-shirt an image of the Sun on the background of a blue diamond represents for the morning sky. I chose a blue diamond shape for the background in order to make a reflection to attract the visualizing of people. The Sun wear sun glasses also means morning is the time when most people feel cheerful. In contrast, on the back side of the T-shirt I designed a face of the Moon and people can realize that the face was based on the face of a woman instead of a man like the front side. My main idea of designing the T-shirt is basically based on reflection of Sun and Moon, day and night.