Sunday, September 7, 2008

week11_5 Review my last DIM 2 course

It is nearly to the end of semester 2, it also means that I am now in the last of DIM 2 course. In DIM2 course I learned many things from my lecturer: Ms.Li Ping. She taught us many different techniques of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash. These tecniques are very useful and I think that these techniques are a combination of skills which we must use in the future on web design, publish and Photography which are related to my design job in the future. I also found that Flash is also useful when making an introduction or credits for my video assignment, this is a good thing that we can see if we know how to work on different design softwares. Therefore, techniques are very important and I learned a lot of design techniques in DIM2.

week11_4 Is Nintendo DS Lite designed based on MacBook ?

since Nintendo Lite sold, not only me but also my friends asked a question: Is Nintendo DS Lite designed based on MacBook ?

This question is not easy to be answered. however let's have alook on Nitendo DS Lite. All its corners were rounded as seen on MacBook, it also has white and black color for different models . It looks like MacBook but this is a portable gaming device, so I think that it is quite different due to its small size.

Week11_3 religion construction(cont)

There are many differentiations between western catholic church and oriental pagoda design.In western countries the churches were designed with many sharp shapes and sharp corner while pagodas in oriental countries based on curves. The reason for this was that in western countries, most of the constructions, include churches must keep warm in the winter, so the roof with sharp corners will keep warm most effectively while oriental countries are tropical countries, so heat is the most consideration and the roof with curves will make the air inside more cooler, especially in summer.

Week11_2 - car design by the time.....

Car is one of the most popular transportation vehicle which changes daily life extremely quickly. however, car design also has a long history since the car industry was born.

VW Bettle,photo:stray muse from on 7/9/2008

Volkswagen Bethe was the first popular car during Pre-World War II period. This car was designed with rounded shapes to make a visual smooth. This car was manufactured up to 2005 with the last one in Mexico. The design of this car is suitable for Europe : small size can move between small streets, cheap, low fuel consuming (this is very important during Pre-WWII because fuel price at that time was high).

Oldsmobile Super88,photo:stray muse from on 7/9/2008

Avto VAZ 2103,photo:stray muse from on 7/9/2008

During decade from 1960s to 1980s, car design changed to two types in two group of countries: capitalism and socialism. design of car in western countries like West Germany and US was based on fashion and important event at that time : the first time people go to the space and go to the moon, so cars of US was based on image of spaceships although those deigns were not suitable for moving, they were too big to move on streets. In contrast, cars in socialism countries like East Germany, USSR, Czechoslovakia were designed by only two reasons: cheap and durable, so these cars were not attractive consumers.

sports car,photo:stray muse from on 7/9/2008

From 1990s, the cars were designed mostly based on fashion, speed and low consuming fuel. Therefore, cars during this period were designed beased on results of many different research on air effect, safety.

Yellow New Beetle,photo:stray muse from on 7/9/2008


Today I will introduce some websites where provides free icons for different purposes like build a web, flash and they are also useful for visual programming. These are loyality free icons websites, this is the most important point because I found that many students got trouble with copyright problems before.

Be careful when use these! :