Sunday, December 21, 2008

a view of computer system under drawing of brush(Wk9_2)

As looking at my desktop computer at home, I got an idea of drawing it on brush in adobe illustrator. It looks more funny and I think that it may be very useful if this type of drawing applied for advertisement.

A view of my book cover and bookmark design(Wk9_1)

In this week I designed a book cover and bookmark for my assignment. This is an interesting assignment because it helps us know how to design a book cover and a bookmark practically. Basically, my design based on white, gray, and specially bold red for blood due to this is a book of a mysterious story. The center point of my design is a died girl on the chair. This image I took it from my friend and used basic skill on photoshop to get her picture in threshold. The most interesting thing is that the knife on her hand and blood on it was made by me with only gaussian blur effect of photoshop. Finally, I looked at margin of my design mostly to follow the rules of gestalt and all of text in my design were arranged into same lanes.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

From original image to threshold(WK8_1)

Sometimes people want to use an image with only black and dark black for some purposes of illustrating. this is quite easy with the help from Photoshop. It's quite easy: firstly, open the image that you want to get a piece of it, double click on background layer to let it becomes layer 0 . Use pen tool (Ctrl+P) to trace the area that you want to select in a new layer. After tracing it successfully, right click and choose make selection and it becomes a selected area. Next, go to Image\adjustment\threshold and save the image as type that you expected.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A simple flat world(Wk7_2)

Let's imagine a simple view of our earth: It was created from two polars: Northern, Southern and two directions: West and East. If we illustrate our Earth in a scientific way it may become complicated. However, in the view of art, a world can be illustrate by a flat compass with towers, house on it.

Photomontage (Wk7_1)

An image which is created by photomontage is a photo in which people can find many different meanings from the original photos. In this week I had an assignment for creating a photomontage with at least eight different photos. I decided to create a photomontage about about the history of USA under president George Bush's period. This photo was created with main potrait of Mr.George Bush at the center of the photo. Main events in Mr.Bush's period was recreated: terrorist attack on 9.11.2001, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, economic crisis and the first time in USA history a Negro American Mr.Obama won in the president election.