Sunday, August 31, 2008


A common question when we draw with Adobe illustrator is that how to make another copy of an object inside that object with a smaller size. I have found the answer when I did my tutorial assignment: choose the object that you want to make a smaller copy inside it, go to Object\path\offset path and choose the offset that you want. Another tips for making the intersect of 2 lines look more naturally at the corner made by 2 lines is that go to window, choose stroke and you can choose the type to round the intersect of 2 lines. I hope that these tips may be useful when we want to make our drawing looks more naturally.


Today I just want to discuss how to make a suitable background for a particular purpose that a designer wants to send to the viewer.First of all, the designer must determine what is he or she is now talking about. After determined the topic, he or she must think of colors, objects and the order of them in the background that he or she wants to display.About the colors, the designer should make them reflectively between objects . For example, if a designer wants to design a background for honey products, he or she can add a black or brown bear besides a yellow honey pot. This contrast of colors will get the attention of people. That is also the reason why I will also make my tutorial flash with two contrast colors like black and silver. About the order of objects, It should be focus on the main object that we want to mention.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


After few weeks worked with my assignment of flash, my product was created with a few things I still confused. Although my portfolio flash was finished but I think that it still remained many mistakes of contents and technique. Anyway, I hope that I will fix this on my next assignment. First of all, I found that in flash with action script 2.0 code we can give a name for a frame and using it in action script 2.0. for example, I have a frame at 360th frame and I give it a name"first", instead of writing gotoAndPlay(360), I will write gotoAndPlay("first"). This is very convenient when we add new frames between old frames because the code still work when we add more frames while if you write gotoAndPlay(360) it will work not accurately.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


There are a lot of websites and forums on the internet give us different tutorials on Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. Today I want to introduce a website where we can find tutorials, tools for both Photoshop and Illustrator: . At this website we can join the forum to discuss or download different tools for Photoshop and Illustrator. I hope this website is helpful for us to make different effects on our works.

Week7-1: A layout of my flash assignment

Today I have created a sketch out of my next flash assignment. At the first time, I Created its background on photoshop with yellow background. However, I realized that yellow background make my flash seems to be boring, so I decided to change it into blue and this time it looks better when the viewer watch it, It really makes the viewers feel that it is interesting. The color of buttons also forward the viewer to the contents of viewer.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week6-2 Trace a tiger face

When I was in the process of creating a poster for my assignment poster design, the most difficult thing that I must face to is how to trace a face of a tiger and make it look naturally. After trying a lot, I found that I must trace each black block on the tiger face one by one and the other thing which make the tiger look more naturally is its eyes and its ears. These two elements are very important, if tracing the tiger face without them, the tiger may look like a dog or a cat rather than a tiger.

Week6-1 Amazing safari

Today I want to introduce my third picture which was created by using brush tool in photoshop. As we know, brush tool in photoshop is an interesting tool to make many different type of picture with only choose suitable brush, and opacity of the layer where the brush located on. One important thing when using brush tool is that each element of picture should be created on an independent layer in order to manipulate them easier later.