Sunday, July 13, 2008


Adobe Illustrator is a powerful software to create vector graphic and it is also useful for practical print like name card, neon sign and other greeting card. Today I created a birthday card which has the size of half of an A4 paper. This card can be created easily with a hard A4 paper and print it on color printer. This birthday card has both margin and bleed area is 0.5 cm. The birthday card was created based on gaussian blur and adjustment of opacity of objects. Each object on this card should be created on different layers and adjusted to about 60-70% of opacity .It is very attractive if people can make their own birthday card and give it to friends. This birthday card may become more interesting if we print it on an perfumed paper cost about 2000 VNĐ.


Li Ping said...

David - you have positioned your crop marks wrongly. The bleed area should be outside of your crop marks, not within!

David said...

Really thanks to Ms Li Ping, I will correct this mistake.