Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week5_1 outline of my poster design

Well, this week I started designing a poster for protecting tiger campaign of website By this design assignment, I found that it is quite easy to make the tiger skin on Adobe Illustrator. My poster was a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. First of all, I draw the background on Photoshop by using Brush tool to make the clouds and the lights. This is quite easy on photoshop with brush tools can be downloaded from . Moreover, the tiger skin can be made by drawing rectangles and use transform tools in Illustrator to make it. This can be referenced at . My poster meaning is quite easy to understand: The clouds and the lights represent for the indefinite future of tiger. The octagon with red stroke represent for the dangerous situation of killing tigers. But, if people stop killing and protect the tigers on time, they may not be disappeared, this was represent by yellow "stop" with the meaning stop on time as well as traffic light signal. Finally , the blood drops on the "stop" means it's now and everyday, everytime there are a lot of tigers are being killed for different commercial purposes.

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