Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week5_2 how to improve your PC for design purposes

In this entry I will introduce some ways to improve Windows computer/laptop for design purposes. I will not mention this for MAC OS PC because MAC OS and MAC PC/MACBOOK are professional systems for design. As we know, a MAC PC/MACBOOK is very expensive and many people can not buy them easily. Therefore, Windows PCs are more popular and most of us use Windows PC everyday. Generally, Windows PCs are good for common purposes like playing games, edit documents, simple graphic purposes. However, the biggest problem of a Windows PC when designing is that after working a long time it becomes slower on executing tasks. This problem comes from fragmented sectors on HDD(s). In order to solve this problem, I suugest that we should use a fast fragmenting software like UltimateDefrag 2008 after using the PC/Laptop about 1.5 to 2 hours for design. UltimateDefrag 2008 can be downloaded easily on the Internet or can be bought at CD software shops. This method I had tested before and it was very effective, my laptop with 4200 rpm HDD can work easily with design softwares and this can be better with Desktop which was built with 7200 rpm HDD. Secondly, I suggest that if we intend to use a Desktop/Laptop for design purposes with low expenditure we should buy a Desktop/Laptop with dedicated graphic card(I don't suggest onboard graphic cards like Intel 945 or Intel X3100 ) although this kind of Desktop/Laptop may be more expensive about 10-20% compares with the others which have onboard graphic cards but this investment is worth for the power of your design purposes.Lastly, I also suggest that we should upgrade the memory of Desktop/Laptop to at least 2 GB (the price currently in Vietnam is about $40 for DDRII 667 MHz ) and we should use Intel Core2Duo or CentrinoDuo, do not use Intel Celeron. I hope that after this entry, many people can use a low cost computer for design purposes. Anyway, although both MAC PCs and Windows PCs still remain a lot of problems but in my opinion we should choose a suitable PC system for our purposes but it must be also fit to our budget, do not waste your money on the system which does not bring effects to you .


Tran Ngoc Khuong said...

A very interesting and useful entry. But I still have some concerns about the hardware for designer. How about the use of AMD CPU in design? many people believe that AMD can give a very good performance in rendering with a very good price. Moreover, for the graphic card, should we use nVidia or ATI to have an accurate color?

David said...

Hi Khuong, I don't suggest to use AMD system for design, but for game I suggest it because AMD CPUs are usually hot and their stability is not as reliable as Intel's stability. Both ATI and Geforce GPU of nVidia are good for design but if you really want to use your computer for only design, I suggest you use nVidia quadro GPU with special driver for design. Regards.