Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gestalt - basic tools for design(Wk2_1)

After studying gestalt theory and how to use it effectively for my design work, I found that in the past I made a lot of ineffective design because I did not know how to make a good feel to the viewers. The problem was that I could not make the viewers focus to my design due to my bad gestalt. However, after studying gestalt with different kinds of closure, continuance, similarity, proximity, alignment I found that if I know good about these concepts I can make my works better. I have tried one of them -continuance in my exercise with a background of snow flower and another background of vinca under the body text. I think that both background are about flowers and they are suitable for the content of body text. Moreover, the background of body text is darker than the main background will make the viewers focus mostly on the body text.

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