Friday, November 7, 2008

Using mask and threshold in Photoshop(Wk3_1)

Mask is used widely in photoshop in order to hide things which we do not want to show on our art work. In the past I wondered how can I merge different areas of 2 different layers. It was so difficult for me to merge good areas of two layers until I studied how to use mask. In order to make mask for our work we must have at least 2 layers. For example, if we want to adjust an image , the first thing we have to do is that copy our image to a new layer or we can use shortcut key Ctrl+J. After that we wiil tick off "eye icon" of layer which we want to hide. After adjusting the first layer, we move to adjust the second layer by ticking on "eye icon" of second layer and tick off the first one. However, we found that each layer has its good and bad things. In order to get good things of second layer we must use "mask" . In order to make mask, we must choose the upper layer(in this case is the first layer) and choose making mask icon ( making mask icon looks like a circle inside a rectangle on layer work area. After that we choose brush tool and choose black color and choose mask layer we have made. As we brush the lower layer will appear. Therefore, we can merge good things of first and second layer.

The original photo:

The first layer :

The second layer:

The result:

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